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Threshing Elements (Rub Bars)


Wildfong Threshing Elements are the heaviest, strongest on the market. After casting the elements are shipped to Montreal for extensive “Austempering” treatment. This means each element is the longest lasting.
The “rifled” groove design is the best for hard threshing crops.

In 2012 Deere went to a long tapered rotor with small threshing elements. Customers have complained endlessly about the poor thresh and rotor loss. Our elements are 30% larger for more surface area contact, with a more solid design and the highest quality of Austempering treatment available. We have sold thousands of these elements with ZERO warranty claims. Now that these rotors have been on the market the last 10 years, sales have increased rapidly since the factory ones are worn out now.

Our threshing elements are built specifically for hard to thresh crops, with a tight ring, a curved design that matches the rotor radius, and more surface area to make contact with crop. They are subjected to austempering heat treatment, which is the most resilient heat treatment process available for the strongest, most wear resistant components possible.

  • 30% larger for more surface area contact
  • Solid design
  • Unique curved design that matches the rotor radius
  • Patented Austempering heat treatment for increased strength and durability throughout the entire product (not just on the surface coating like OEM)
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  • Single


    Save $400
    (compared to $600 OEM)

  • Set of 15


    Save $6,000
    (compared to $9,000 OEM)