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Separator Grates

for John Deere rotary Combines

One piece steel design, longer fingers designed to let more grain fall through and to keep straw and chaff in. Steel design replaces the factory cast iron grates that break wreak havoc on your machine.

No more broken cast iron separator grates! For years farmers have had to deal with broken bolt together cast iron separator grates from factory. If a rock or wad of material got in there it would break an entire section of grate out and send it through the chopper. I have had customers say they’ve had to replace the chopper after this has happened.

Our one piece fully welded design is simple to install, no maintenance required and will bend if foreign objects get in there but will not break. With the largest separating area on the market, this grate is, well, great.

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  • Separator Grate


    Save $2,000
    (compared to $3,000 OEM)