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For CLAAS Combines

Designed to allow easy unrestricted crop flow from the cylinder into the twin rotors. This Wildfong Impeller greatly reduces the possibility of plugging in tough conditions. At harvest any downtime is unacceptable if it is preventable.

The factory CLAAS Impeller is very bulky, has long rows of paddles and too much material blocking the flow of material. Much like the John Deere beaters these reduce capacity and take too much power and fuel.

Our solution is to use the same strong pipe we use in our Mad Max beaters and stager the wear paddles to help chew through tough material. Plugging this hard to get at inner Impeller is a thing of the past.

Dynamically balanced with easy to replace wear plates years down the road.

  • New design improves efficiency flow reducing power and fuel
  • Built with high quality materials
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  • Impeller for CLAAS


    Save $3,000
    (compared to $8,000 OEM)