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For most Combines

Wildfong Concaves are built with an industry leading AR400 plate.
2.5 times harder for better wear characteristics, 4 time stronger to withstand rock ingestion or wet tough crop conditions.

Concave and wire configurations to fit any crop and every crop for all our growers.

Mad Maxx Feed Accelerator (Beater)

John Deere Combines

Designed for smooth efficient crop flow with a small tube and large paddles. Made with thick seamless pipe and all wear components out of AR400, this accelerator has garnered the nickname Mad Maxx… because rocks and tough crop fear him!

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Threshing Elements

John Deere Varistream Rotor Combines

Wildfong Threshing Elements are the heaviest, strongest on the market. After casting the elements are shipped to Montreal for extensive “Austempering” treatment. This means each element is the longest lasting.

The “rifled” groove design is the best for hard threshing crops.

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Separator Grates

John Deere Rotary Combines

One piece steel design, longer fingers designed to let more grain fall through and to keep straw and chaff in. Steel design replaces the factory cast iron grates that break wreak havoc on your machine.

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Split Hanger

Case IH Combines

Our easy to instal two piece “Split Frame” allows farmers to replace a bent or broken factory frame within an hour.  Turns a major breakdown into an easy repair job, otherwise the rotor has to be removed to instal a factory frame.

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CLAAS Combines

Designed to allow easy unrestricted crop flow from the cylinder into the twin rotors. This Wildfong Impeller greatly reduces the possibility of plugging in tough conditions. At harvest any downtime is unacceptable if it is preventable.

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Rice Beater

John Deere & Case IH Combines

Attention Rice Growers! Developed with help from California and Arkansas rice growers, install these Wildfong Rice beaters to increase capacity and greatly reduce maintenance costs.

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Farmwave AI

Reduce harvest loss by 3-8+ bushels per acre

Farmwave’s vision artificial intelligence software monitors harvest loss autonomously without stopping, showing you where it’s coming from on the machine.
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About Us

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  • Built to Last

    All wear components are built out of AR400 steel so our product will outlast many of the other designs out on the market.  Our concaves are 2.4 times as hard and 4 times the tensile strength as regular concaves.

    We also use real Canadian steel in all of our products.  Not only are our products priced lower compared to the original equipment macturer, they also have been proven to last longer.

  • Warranty

    Most of our products carry an industry leading 2-Year full ingestion warranty.

    Since our products can withstand impacts of foreign objects such as rocks, we rarely have any warranty claims.

  • Built on the Farm

    As farmers, we recognized the need for high quality and cost effective solutions for combine elements.  We design and build products right on our farm to help you farm better and smarter.

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