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Mad Maxx Feed Accelerator (Beater)

For John Deere and John Deere X9 Combines

Designed for smooth efficient crop flow with a small tube and large paddles. Made with thick seamless pipe and all wear components out of AR400, this accelerator has garnered the nickname Mad Maxx… because rocks and tough crop fear him!

Every beater we build starts off on an industry leading Sched 40 seamless pipe. This thick, high quality pipe ensures our customers will never have to deal with bent and dented drums.

The ramped design of the paddle helps kick rocks to the rock trap and not into your rotor.

All wear components are made out of AR400 to ensure years of maintenance free use.
Dynamically balanced to ensure vibration free operation.

Plugging the front end of the Deere combine is no fun.

Burned up belts, busted knuckles and major downtime can all be avoided with a Mad Max beater. Its named after the movie character because this beauty looks post apocalyptic!

Solid one piece design requires no maintenance and the high capacity throughput means no plugging, no burned up belts and best of all no downtime.

  • More aggressive teeth
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Handles more material without plugging
  • 30% to 40% more done in tough conditions
  • Single Rotors


    Save $2,000
    (compared to $7,500 OEM)

  • X9


    Save $2,000
    (compared to $8,000 OEM)

  • Quick & Easy Installation

    1. Insert shaft on an angle
    2. Slide shaft back
    3. Insert key stock as you push back
    4. Insert spacers
    5. Re-install bearings
    6. Apply Loctite on set screws

    Watch our Installation Video

    I only takes 15-20 minutes to install the Mad Maxx Feed Accelerator in your combine.