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Split Hanger

For case ih Combines

The factory Case concave frame is so large that if you ever need to replace it, the only way to do so is to take the feeder house off the combine and remove the rotor. Talk about a design flaw!

Our soon to be patented “Two Piece Frame” goes into the combine and can be installed and calibrated within an hour, saving the customer a massive job and unacceptable downtime in the middle of their busiest season.

Dealerships hate these because they take away a $10,000 work order. Dealerships will buy them however, because in the busy season even they don’t have time to pull a rotor in the farmers field, just to change a concave hanger frame.

  • Replace a damaged factory frame in an hour vs the expensive task of removing the feeder house and removing the rotor
  • Saves you time and money, and turns a nightmare into an easy job!
Our easy to instal two piece “Split Frame” allows farmers to replace a bent or broken factory frame within an hour. Turns a major breakdown into an easy repair job, otherwise the rotor has to be removed to instal a factory frame.
  • Split Hanger


  • Quick & Easy Installation

    Watch our Installation Video

    It only takes an hour to install the Split Hanger in your Case IH combine.