Concaves – an essential part of a successful harvest

Since 2014 Russ Wildfong of Wildfong Enterprises has been manufacturing concaves for growers across North America. It all started with his desire to have his crops thresh and separate better, last longer and help him make the most of each harvest. 

Getting the right concave for your combine and crop is important. Farmers want to know they are getting the most out of their crops. Well-set combines keep crops from becoming damaged or going out with the chaff.  Farmers frequently check their settings to ensure they are as precise as possible for their crops, conditions, and equipment. Being able to trust a high-quality concave can bring peace of mind and help fill the bin! 

Why use a custom concave? Stock concaves that came with your combine are designed to work under ideal conditions for the crop types you grow. They may not be able to provide a high level of performance under tougher conditions – and ironically those often are the times when the concave proves its value most! 

Being able to change out, customize and precisely set your combine to the concaves gives farmers the flexibility to meet challenging conditions confidently, and with Wildfong Enterprises products they can have the added assurance of high-quality concaves that will last plus expert service. 

It may seem easier to have stock, all crop concaves, but when crop prices and inputs are at all-time highs getting the most out of your crop becomes an investment worth making, and that investment can start with custom concaves. 

There are many costs on a farm, and custom concaves from Wildfong Enterprises are an investment that returns on every acre with more grain in the bin. Whatever your crop or combine, they will have a concave solution to meet your needs.  

Reach out to Russ at [email protected] to get ready for #harvest23